FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions regarding M.A.Qaiser or its product range? Check the FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions below!

Does M.A. Qaiser carry more stock than is shown on the website?

Yes, we do! Only a selection of stock listings are highlighted on our website. M.A. Qaiser carries a large inventory of stocks including all kinds of technical and industrial products, including rubber products and metal parts. Our inventory of stock changes frequently as we are regularly buying new stock and shipping goods to customers world wide. If you have a specific product requirement, get in contact with us and we might just have it available for you!

Does M.A. Qaiser ship goods internationally?

Our organization has specialized on the marketing and export of technical rubber products on the international markets. We are well versed in the regulations and policies of international shipping and have a long-standing experience of working together with partners in more complex markets such as West Africa, Middle East and Far East Asia. Do you have specific transport requirements ? – Our sales team is dedicated to finding the optimal logistics solutions with you and our logistics partners.

There are M.A. Qaiser products in abrasive (e.g. PERFECTFLEX┬«) and PPE product segment – are these affiliated with you?

Yes, there are two branches within our organization: The stockist business under our brand MAQBELTING™ and a seperate business as supplier and one-stop shop for industrial consumables. In that second branch, M.A. Qaiser is active as an EPC sub-contractor for large corporations and international customers (Oil & Gas Industry, Shipyards, Mining, Construction), providing high quality consumable products to satisfy highest safety standards and technical requirements. If you are interested in this business or have a project inquiry, contact us under info@qaiser-industrie.de or visit us under www.qaiser-industrie.com

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